i'm no longer updating this. see http://www.chungeez.com/glibtv2 for the newest image gallery (more features, flexibility and with better cross-browser manners), phodyssey for a POC with photo RSS visualization, and http://www.chungeez.com/flibt for another one.

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asad dot sheth at gmail dot (you know what it is)
"borrow" the code =)

hey all!

i needed a quick gallery solution for dropping images of my new niece up, and i didn't like pixel post. too much work. i whipped this up in about 2 hours. it uses prototype, moo.fx and some rudimentary php. it needs the gd extension for php, and write permissions on the folder with the pictures.

to use, you just drop your pictures into the 'pictures' directory. resizing happens on the fly (if a picture needs it). you can futz with the settings in image_canvas.js and config.php.

only works for .JPG right now, and is currently set for 3x2 picture aspect ratio, because that's what my camera (rebel xti) does. i'm pretty sure you can fix that with some judicious editing of the config parameters in the two above named files. if you do end up borrowing this code, please drop me a line at asad.sheth@gmail.com and let me know! thanks!

i appreciate comments and all. i know it's not the most perfect code, but then, it wasn't originally meant to be. i'll be continuing to improve it when i get a chance, primarily for inclusion of multiple aspect ratios and a simple CMS.